Waterloo Sunset Records was formed in February of 2011 when Steve Warrenfeltz, owner of Kiss The Sky, and Benjie Hughes, owner of BackThird Audio, got together to work on a project that was to later be named “Made In Aurora Vol. 1 … City of Lights”. That recording project was born out of a late afternoon discussion taking place at Kiss The Sky in January of 2011 between Greg Boerner (CattleProd) and Dave Ramont (Dick Smith) and Steve, concerning the state of affairs regarding the local artist music scene, and the lack of apparent respect afforded such.

Greg, Dave and Steve were complaining and venting and basically getting ticked off at the music world when Steve, out of frustration, slammed his open palm right hand down on the counter and said: “Well, vinyl is were it’s heading and we should put out a local artist compilation and press it on vinyl and give the net proceeds of the project to a favorite local charity, or such. Within a couple of weeks of that “historic” discussion, the groundwork was laid for the recording sessions to take place at BackThird Audio and the record was released, to critical acclaim, on Record Store Day in April of 2011.

500 copies of the record were pressed, and by the end of the year, all 500 were sold. $2500 was raised and given to the Paul Ruby Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease research while Volume Two, a Christmas album, was recorded and released on Black Vinyl Friday in November of 2011.

Both albums were produced by Benjie Hughes, with Steve handling the Executive Producer duties. Volume One received an Independent Music Award in the compilation category.

Over the course of recording the two Made In Aurora records, over 50 musicians, songwriters and singers collaborated and contributed their hearts and soul to making music. And, during the course of all of this, new friendships were formed and new music projects emerged and significant attention was afforded our “local” music scene. A refreshing sense, and a unique form, of pride emerged that has laid the foundation for artistic growth and development.

Waterloo Sunset Records has since gone on to engage in local artist development, albeit in a very small, and humble way. As of this writing, the future is bright whilst being seemingly unclear. Perhaps, we are waiting for that next “brainstorm session” in which an idea is thrown to the wind and caught up in the beauty of a Waterloo Sunset.