Kiss The Sky

  • Monday thru Fridays … 10am until 8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday … 10am until 6pm
  • 630-406-0086
  • 180 1st Street, Batavia, IL 60510

Over the years, Kiss The Sky has supported the live music scene by providing an opportunity for aspiring musicians to perform before live and adoring audiences in a comfy, intimate and great sounding environment. Since opening in 1996, it is estimated that more than 2,500 performances have taken place on the stages of Kiss The Sky.

In addition to the live performances, we have carried, promoted and sold local artist music with all of the proceeds of their sales being for the benefit of the artists … Kiss The Sky does not take a “cut” on those sales.

During the past 10 years, the affiliated company of Waterloo Sunset Records has been involved in the development of several local artist recording projects that have been for the benefit of promoting the local area music scene and the artists involved. The Made In Aurora Vol. 1 and Made in Aurora Vol. 2 projects are just two that exemplify that purpose.

Most recently, Scott Tipping (Cornmeal, Backyard Tire Fire and Wayne Baker Brooks Band fame), and I, worked on a three year long recording project paying homage to the original blues recordings made by Lester Melrose and Bluebird Records back in 1937-38 at the Leland Hotel (in the Sky Club) in downtown Aurora. The project is called The Leland Bluebird Sessions and is described in more detail here on this website.

Kiss The Sky has helped in the financing of all of these recording projects which have helped to enrich people’s lives musically, while, in some cases, have also benefited charitable organizations, such as the Paul Ruby Foundation in their fight against Parkinson’s.

Since the nation and most of the world entered into a shutdown during the month of March, the impact upon the music and art world has been significantly devastating. Venues have closed … artists are not touring and have had to resort to streaming to internet audiences … new recording projects have been minimal … and all of the ancillary businesses and people supporting the industry have been greatly affected in not a positive way. Kiss The Sky was not beyond reproach in terms of being affected negatively financially and otherwise.

As we enter into a new “phase” of existence and way of operating, we are realizing what is most important perhaps and we are finding new (and old) ways of spreading the love of music. We are committed, more than ever, to “keeping the music alive”.

To that end, Kiss The Sky is returning to showcasing local area talent by way of in-store performances. Again, we are walking before we start running again. We WILL get up to full speed one day but we’re not really sure, like most everyone else, when that may be. For now, we will focus on doing it right.

And, we are looking to engage with local artists in making records and helping to distribute their music much like we have in the past. We are in the process of doing so as we speak.

To that end, if you would like to support the Local Music Scene as well, we have set up a PayPal Account to accept donations to be used by Kiss The Sky to aid in our endeavor to enrich the local area music scene and to provide musicians resources to share their music with all of you, whether it be live, or in a recorded format.

Kiss The Sky and Waterloo Sunset Records are looking to engage in local area musician recording projects in that effort to help them get their music out there and to be heard and enjoyed, as they had done in the recent and distant past.

A big thank you for all of you who love music and support it by going to live shows, watching the streams on the internet or by purchasing music. Without all of you, it would be less worthwhile and certainly not as much fun. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts … Steve.