Waterloo Sunset Records is a small independent record label. Our goal is not to become the next Sony Music Corporation.  We focus our attention and energies on artists that we know and love and are familiar with. Most of them call the Fox Valley area of Illinois their home. However, our efforts are not limited by geography and familiarity.

Since our founding in 2011, we have produced several projects that have resulted in the release of recorded music by a several artists, with more than 50 individuals contributing their talents to the projects overall.

As mentioned elsewhere, the first such project is commonly known as Made In Aurora Vol.1 and was soon followed by Made In Aurora Vol.2. WSR helped out our good friend Noah Gabriel release his first vinyl record release entitled Mercy Street. That was followed by a compact release by Andrea Dawn called “Theories On How We Can Be Friends”, and most recently, a vinyl single 7″ by the power blues rock trio CattleProd.

Currently, there are two recording projects in the works. One has a working title of The Leland Bluebird Recording Sessions Tribute and the other is being referred to as Songs That We Loved When We Were Kids. Each project has it’s own (sub)page on this website and song samples of all can be heard on sub-pages of the project sub-page.

Made In Aurora Vol.1
Made In Aurora Vol.2
Mercy Street by Noah Gabriel
Theories On How We Can Be Friends by Andrea Dawn
Price You Pay/Southbound Train by CattleProd!
The Leland Bluebird Recording Sessions
Songs That We Loved When We Were Kids

Good Shit

The Good Shit projects are simply compilations that are made up of music created by musicians that are indigenous to the Chicago area and the Fox River Valley in particular. The projects are spearheaded (produced executively) by Steve Warrenfeltz, proprietor of a Fox Valley area record store called Kiss The Sky who also happens to… Read More

Made In Aurora Vol.1

This is the recording project that kick-started it all. Recorded in March of 2011 and released on Record Store Day in April of 2011, all 500 copies of the vinyl record release have been sold. This recording will not be repressed on vinyl, however, it will soon be made available for purchase on compact disc.… Read More

The Leland Bluebird Recording Sessions

The Leland Bluebird Recording Sessions is a project instigated and brought about by Waterloo Sunset Records and inspired by the work of the Fox Valley Blues Society, Blues On The Fox Festival Committee and the Fox Valley Music Foundation. The project is a recording tribute to the records that were produced on the top floor… Read More

… For Your Listening Pleasure

Now Hear This! Made In Aurora Vol.01 Piece of The Sun – Dave Ramont Piece of The Sun – Dave Ramont Charlotte Avenue – Jeremy Keen & The False Starts Charlotte Ave. – Jeremy Keen & The False Starts Carapace – HOSS Carapace – HOSS Blue Sally – Rev. Cinchy Pickens w/The Thistlepatch Assembly Choir… Read More