Good Shit

The Good Shit projects are simply compilations that are made up of music created by musicians that are indigenous to the Chicago area and the Fox River Valley in particular. The projects are spearheaded (produced executively) by Steve Warrenfeltz, proprietor of a Fox Valley area record store called Kiss The Sky who also happens to be the person behind the Waterloo Sunset Records label upon which the compilations reside.

The first edition of Good Shit was released on Record Store Day back in 2014. Noah Gabriel designed the artwork for the compilation while also contributing recordings. The vibe of the compilation was eclectic for sure with participation ranging from folk and country to heavy metal. The compilation was given away for free and was a huge success with many requests for more. The release is now out of print with no plans for a reissue.

The second volume is being released on Record Store Day April 16, 2016. The artwork for the compilation was designed by Patrick Moynihan, owner of WaveForm Studios located in Batavia, Illinois. Although Patrick also contribute recordings to the first edition of Good Shit, his hands were full with design responsibilities and handling the recording, mixing and mastering of a Greg Boerner recording that is included in Vol.2.

The idea behind the compilations is to spread the word and to share the love. The musicians who write and create the music and live and breath the Fox Valley air are a major reason why there are as many vibrant music venues as there are. From the Roundhouse to the House Cafe, House Pub and River Edge Bar and Grill, with many many more in between … to the shores of Tripoli … on any given night, Greg or Dave or Gerald or Funktional or Noah or any of the literally thousands of musicians living and performing in the Valley can be seen and heard performing and laying it all out the line.

The notion of the compilation is dedicated to those musicians described above. If not for them, there would be no “scene” and our lives would be lacking. To them we say thank you and we love what you do and stand for … we love you!